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If you haven’t bought it yet!

You’re missing some valuable information that can save or prolong a happier life…

I wanted to share with Debra Thomas and all who follow her my review of her book. If you haven’t bought it yet, you’re missing some valuable information that can save or prolong a happier life.

I have been waiting for a book like this forever. My Mom, Grandmother, wife and children suffer from various thyroid issues from Hypo to Hyperthyroidism.

I read this book in one setting. It is an easy read, while still maintaining the medical and technical information you would need when you consult your primary physician.

I am planning on buying this book, before the price goes up, for all my family members and loved ones that are suffering as a loving gift. Yes you can give this book as a gift.

I suggest you read the book, paying attention to the true stories inside, and discover which type of thyroid issue you are suffering from. Then armed with this data talk to your doctor for the best cure or program to pursue.

The book is also a stand-alone book on nutrition. It does tell you what foods to use and what to avoid, depending on your condition, but it also gives you invaluable advice on GMO, Organic vs Natural, free range vs pasture-raised.

Dr. Michael Christensen, Founder, Author
Christensen Associates, L.L.C.

About The Book

Another unique part of the book tells you how to crowd out “bad” food with locally grown food on a budget. For example, if you can’t afford all organic food, you can still eat healthy by taking a food from the Clean 15 (avocados, asparagus) and buy them conventionally, while spending your money on buying organic the items from the Dirty Dozen (strawberries, grape, corn). This is one of the 10 appendixes. The appendixes are worth the entire cost of the book x 10 at least.

Dr. Michael Christensen, Founder, Author

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What readers are saying


Great information …

This book can help you take control of your life! Using the principles of her book, I was able to prevent being on thyroid medication and get my thyroid back into normal range.

Gwen M


Love it…

Great book. Very happy that someone took the time to help other people with something they have struggled with for so long. This book is great for more than people with thyroid problems. Eating healthy is for everyone and I recommend every reads this book.



Absolutely amazing! The information really hits home and extremely is …

Absolutely amazing! The information really hits home ad extremely is useful. Really makes you see food in a whole new light!


A wonderful nutritional reference guide…

This is a wonderful, easy read and a fabulous reference for nutrition and wellness. I do not have thyroid problems but still found the information to be informative and helpful on my personal wellness journey.

Teresa P

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