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Have you been frustrated living with a slow metabolism, high cholesterol, living with type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, foggy brain, anxiety, depression? You have tried everything to lose weight and get healthy, every fad diet and nothing seems to be working. If you have answered yes to even one of these symptoms, then one of our programs is for you!

GetFit21 offers the 21 day challenge to kick start your weight loss. ACTIVATE Your Burn offers the same benefits using products that use (good) fat for fuel (KETO and Paleo compatible).

Both have the same end results: To help you reach your fitness goals.

But let’s be clear…

GetFit 21 is NOT a quick fix diet plan …

GetFit 21 IS a 21 day metabolic reset program, a foundation for developing, your fitness and nutrition goals and turning them into healthy habits, fulfilling the Primary and Secondary foods mindset of total whole body health.
This program is an experience that will transform your habits and your life!.

As your Certified GetFit 21 Health Coach

You will get detailed food guides, simple and delicious recipes, Diabetes Information Guide, Benefits of a reset meal, Ultimate Metabolic Nutrition Guide, 100 Low-Carb Recipes, Body Weight Exercise Guide and a list of “Foods to Enjoy” to take the guesswork out your food choices.
This program supports the proper balance of glucose and cholesterol levels, and supports healthy blood pressure as well as help with your digestive health, so you can enjoy the side effect of safe and steady weight loss by watching your fat and inches melt away.
GetFit 21 is our “jump start” program for the Ultimate diet Process (UdP) health and wellness program. GetFit 21 uses 5 of the 8 principles: the buddy system (group coaching and challengers), eat mindfully, eat when hungry (between 4-6 hours during the day and 12 hours at night), exercise, find a mentor/coach. The UdP coaching program emphasizes on the remainder 8 Principles:

Respect the triple R day (2 day intermintent fasting), Journal every day, expand on eating when hungry, sustainability.

You’ll get a top of the line lifestyle education program
I will show you a new way of “Pursuing Alternative Thinking for Health”.
Access to the mobile app, guides, and audio lessons throughout the 21 day program.
Our coaching team integrates the integrative nutrition of the UdP process, developed by bestselling and international author, Dr. Michael Christensen of the 2Day Gift of Wellness; An Effortless Weight Loss Process You Can Do Together, to complete the whole body/health experience.
I’ll help you stay accountable and give you the support that will make these lifestyle changes easier and a lifelong habit!
When you join the GetFit 21 challenge, you will experience the life changing results, using products that are science based and endorsed by physicians.
You will not be on this journey alone – you will get encouragement and support from other challengers and coaches every day for your food and exercise choices for the new things you try!

Change your health, your life, lose weight, gain energy, stay focused, get motivated!

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